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1971 The Canadian Press

Expos' Marshall a Heady Hurler
The Canadian Press
April 02, 1971

WEST PALM BEACH, FL:  Mike Marshall, a 28-year-old right-handed relief specialist, is determined to make it big in baseball.  But some day he will probably settle down as a university teacher.

Marshall has been in pro ball since 1961, well-travelled in the minors, and appears ready to stick in the National League with the Montreal Expos after a part-season fling with the club in 1970.

Manager Gene Mauch also thinks Marshall is ready.

"Marshall has come along well," Mauch said, discussing the overall performance by his club in spring training.  "All of his outings have not looked good, but he's come around to understand catcher John Bateman and to understand me.

"He understands how we want him to use his stuff."

Through the ups and downs of his baseball career, Marshall has never failed to combine his occupation with education.  He holds a master's from Michigan State University and is two years into a doctorate in education.

In the off-season, he also teaches kinesiology at MSU.

"Kinesiology has to do with the study of motion," Marshall explained.  "It involves a lot of things, such as anatomy and mechanics of the body."

Whether kinesiology helped or not, Marshall has come along well at the training camp under the guidance of pitching coaches Cal McLish and Don Drysdale.

"I think I was trying to do too much at first and doing too many wrong things," Marshall said.  "Now I'm working pretty regularly in the exhibitions, and while, statistically, it may not seem that way, I'm satisfied."

Marshall's only big league experience before coming to Montreal was with the Detroit Tigers and Houston Astros.  In 1967, he got into 37 games with the Tigers and pitched 59 innings with an 1.96 ERA for a 1-3 won-lost record.

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