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July 17, 1972 Montreal Gazette

Marshall's Saturday Form Over L.A. Stirs All-Star Talk
by Ian McDonald
Montreal Gazette
July 17, 1972

LOS ANGELES, CA:  Mike Marshall abhors smoke and it has nothing to do with the fact that the Expos' wily relief pitcher uses "junk" rather than speed to perform his specialty.

Mike is successful enough that sometime this week, he should become the first bonafide Expos all-star.

Marshall was discussing smoke problems here Saturday night after still another superb relief job had seen him gain his seventh win of the season as the Expos nipped the Dodgers, 3-2.

The question was put to Marshall because halfway to the stadium, when the driver stopped for a light at Sunset Boulevard and Alvarado, Marshall debarked from the team bus.  The 29-year-old Marshall is in excellent condition, but it was too warm to take that hilly walk without a reason.

"I can't stand the smoke," Marshall was saying.  "Some of the players know that it bothers me, and I don't know if do it to be funny, but it really upsets me."

"One time when I was in the American League, we were flying between cities and I actually passed out because of the smoke.  I get dizzy and one of these days I'm going to be sick, I just can't take it."

If Marshall was close to seeing stars before the game, he was attracting talk of stars after his excellent three-inning performance in which he allowed the Dodgers just one bloop single.

Marshall has allowed seven hits and one earned run in his last 12 relief appearances, which cover 23 innings.  In that period since June 20, Marshall has won three and saved six.  His earned run average now is 1.80.

National League all-star manager Danny Murtaugh must select his pitchers later this week and Marshall was asked if he was looking forward to being named.

"It would be a great honor," Marshall said.  "It is an honor to be in the major leagues.  That means you're one of the 500 best in the business.

"Then to be chosen for your league's all-star team.  That would be wonderful.

"However, they don't usually select relief pitchers.  I will be honored, but I won't be disappointed if I'm not chosen."

Baseball people around the league are talking about Marshall and many feel that this year he has become one of the top two or three firemen in the game.

"No matter what the statistics show," Marshall says, "last year was my best and most satisfying season.  Last season, I became a pitcher.  I learned how to think and work to batters.  This year is simply the fruition of the work we did last year."

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