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September 19, 1972 Sarasota Herald-Tribune

A Phobia of Rules
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
September 19, 1972

One of baseball's "unusual" people--Mike Marshall, Expos' relief pitcher, has been shipped back and forth between the minors and majors because of his ideas about life.  Perhaps a quote from Mike will clarify everything:

"I don't believe in any rules.  They destroy creativity.  Rules make people into sheep.  My motto is:  I'll work with anybody, but for nobody."

The 29-year-old righthander allowed as to his beliefs had cost him at least four years in the majors, managers having ignored his talents because they couldn't stomach his attitudes.  How does he make it with manager Gene Mauch of the Expos? Simple enough.

"I respect Mike because he's such a deep thinker," Mauch was quoted as saying.  "And I respect him because he's the most effective reliever I've ever seen.  He's the most complete, the best reliever there is or ever was."

Such flattery embarrasses Mike, who avoids comparison with other players.  As a doctoral candidate in physical education, he hopes some day to teach a new liberalized approach to sports.

"Being the best is not for me or anyone else to be concerned about," he was quoted as saying.  "Comparisons are irrelevant.  I don't measure my performance by scores, statistics or the evaluations of others.  Winning isn't the important thing.  What I strive for and what I teach is that a person has to do the best he can; he has to fulfill his own potential.  It's the effort, not the result, that counts.  You never lose when you do the best you can."

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