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December 13, 1973 Associated Press

Marshall Largesse Will Aid Amateurs
Associated Press
December 13, 1973

MONTREAL, Quebec:  A Montreal amateur baseball group is $5,000 richer today because Mike Marshall refused the $5,000 cash award that accompanied his selection as the Expos' 1973 player of the year.

Marshall, traded last week to the Los Angeles Dodgers in exchange for Willie Davis, was chosen as the Expos' top player by the Montreal chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America.

But Marshall refused the $5,000 check presented by the president of O'Keefe Brewing Co., Ltd., on the grounds that he refused to compete against his teammates for money.  The check was then presented to a group called the Friends of Amateur Baseball.


     I asked them to send the check to Leukemia Research at Danny Thomas's Cancer Research Hospital.  When I heard that they did not, I telephoned them and, after a rational conversation, they also sent a check to the charity of my choosing.

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