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1973 Sporting News 2

by Ian MacDonald
The Sporting News
October 27, 1973

Mike Marshall has been named the Expos' player of the year for the second successive season.

This year, the honor was worth $5,000 to the righthanded relief ace.

"It's nice to receive awards from people who can evaluate the players' contributions," Marshall said from his East Lansing, Mich., home when told the result of the ballot.

The Montreal chapter of the Baseball Writers' Association turned the voting over to the five daily newspaper reporters who cover the Expos' games at home or away.

Marshall received three votes and Kenny Singleton one.  There was one split vote between Marshall and Singleton.  Therefore, the final tally was 3 1/2 for Marshall and 1 1/2 for Singleton.

O'Keefe Brewery of Quebec, a prime sponsor of the Expos' radio and television network, presents the $5,000 reward.  The brewery, incidentally, also gave a check of $1,000 to each player of the month chosen for the Expos by the five writers.

Marshall shattered two major league records and broke another National League mark while posting 14 victories and saving 31 games.  That means that Marshall figured in 56.9 percent of the team's 79 victories.

Marshall's 179 innings pitched set a major league mark for most innings by a reliever.  His 92 appearances broke the old record of 90.

Marshall finished 73 games and that was 11 games more than any National Leaguer had ever completed before.

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