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July 04, 1974 United Press International

‘I’m Not a Freak,’ Marshall Insists After 10th Victory

Mike Marshall has been called a “physical freak” by some, but his managers call him only one thing—“super.”

Marshall appeared in his 52nd game of the season for the Los Angeles Dodgers Tuesday night and his 12th straight game, extending his major league record for consecutive appearances in the process, as the Dodgers set down the Cincinnati Reds, 3-2.

Marshall relieved in the sixth inning and scattered four hits the rest of the way to earn his 10th victory of the season against three losses.

Marshall stands a good chance of becoming the first reliever to win 20 games. The present mark for most wins by a reliever is held by Elroy Face of the 1959 Pittsburgh Pirates—18.

Marshall, when asked how he felt about being called a “physical freak” by the press, because of the tremendous amount of pitching he’s done, turned the question away.

“No, I’m not a physical freak. I could explain why, but I don’t have the time and you guys wouldn’t understand it if I did because of you lack of physiological background.”

Marshall, who has a master’s degree in education, probably could explain it, but his manager has no need for explanations.

Walt Alston said: “I’ve never seen anyone like Mike Marshall.” And Alston has managed relievers like Ron Perranoski, Larry Sherry and Clem Labine.

But Marshall wasn’t overly impressed.

When told of Alston’s appraisal, Marshall grinned and said: “That’s what Gene Mauch (manager of his former team, the Montreal Expos) said, too."

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