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Causes of Pitching Injuries

     For years, I have tried to explain the causes of pitching injuries.  However, without listening to what I have to say, 'traditional' baseball pitching coaches, orthopedic surgeons, biomechanists, general managers and almost everybody else that coaches baseball believe that all baseball pitchers will eventually suffer injuries.

     I offer this video in the hope that no more baseball pitchers have to suffer the injuries and surgeries that I suffered.  In this video, I explain the baseball pitching motion that the professional baseball pitching coaches forced me to use during my 1967 rookie major league season with the Detroit Tigers.

     That pitching motion caused me to lose twenty-four degrees of the range of motion in my pitching elbow, have my pitching knee replaced, have the L5-S1 intervertebral disk in my lower back removed and fracture the tenth rib on the glove side of my rib cage.

     In my next video, I will explain the adjustments to my pitching motion that, despite these horrendous skeletal deformities, enabled me to succeed beyond my wildest dreams.  I will also explain the adjustments that I have learned since my professional baseball career ended that I wish I had known when I pitched.

     As always, with regard to this video, I appreciate all questions and comments that visitors might have.  Without them, I cannot understand how to better present this information.  Please email them to me.

Causes of Pitching Injuries Part One

Causes of Pitching Injuries Part Two

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