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How Kinesiology Changed My Life

     For most of John Maley's college pitching coaching career, at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, TX, at Texas State University in San Marcus, TX and at Incarnate Word University in San Antonio, TX, I have traveled to where he coached to watch his pitchers.

     For the past few years, 2008-2010, starting with Alfredo Cabellero, then Mike Farrenkopf and now Colin Carmody have pitched for John.  These young men also major in Kinesiology.

     As a result of questions that my baseball pitchers ask during their Kinesiology class, Dr. Greg Soukup asked me to present my materials to his Spring 2010 Kinesiology class.

     Professor Soukup had the media department video my presentation.  For all interested parties to watch, Mike Farrenkopf put that video online.  Now, I am putting a link on my website for my visitors to watch.

     As always, if my visitors have questions or comments about this presentation, then please email them to me.

How Kinesiology Changed My Life

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