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2004 Baseball Pitching Instructional Video

     When I started my web site, readers insisted that I make a video to show my pitching motion and throwing drills.   I did my very best.   However, I was not ready and neither were my students.   While we still seek perfection, this video is imperfectly perfect.   I am proud of this one.

     With high-speed film that I took in 1967, I started researching baseball pitching.   While I still have some pedegological questions I need to answer, I believe that I have the throwing drills with which parents and coaches can teach my baseball pitching skills.   With my twelve-step program, youngsters from eight to forty-eight can master my pitches without injuring their pitching arm.   At last, no Ulnar Collateral Ligament ruptures and no loss of pitching arm range of motion.

     My 2004 Baseball Pitching Instructional Videotape is two hours long.   The first fifteen minutes explains the effects of the 'traditional' pitching motion on the growth plates of biological ten to sixteen year old youth pitchers and on the mature bones of adult pitchers.

     The next forty minutes precisely describes and demonstrates how parents and coaches should teach my twelve throwing drills I have designed to teach pitchers how to properly use their pitching arm, their glove arm, their pitching leg and their glove leg.   When pitchers master these twelve steps, they will become highly skilled pitchers with my Maxline True Screwball, Maxline Fastball, Maxline Pronation Curve and Torque Fastball.

     In the second hour, I precisely describe and demonstrate how parents should teach my twelve wrist weight exercises and iron ball throws with which biological sixteen year old pitchers should train.   For biological nineteen year olds, I describe and demonstrate how to throw my Maxline Fastball Sinker and Torque Fastball Slider.

     Next, to help parents, pitchers and coaches to get the 'Coach's Eye,' I included twenty minutes of high-speed film.   Now, all will understand what really happens during the pitching motion.   No more nonsense about ninety degree pitching elbow angles and so on.

     My fingerprints are on every frame, every graphic and every voice-over.   If something is not correct, it is my mistake.   However, like with my Coaching Baseball Pitchers book, I do not consider this Baseball Pitching Instructional Video a done deal, but a work in progress.

     It is my second attempt and much, much better than my first.   Nevertheless, my students keep teaching me more about how to better teach the skills.   I will continue to improve what we do.   Therefore, I plan to continue to upgrade it.   To all who purchased my first video, I will give a seventy-five percent discount on my second video.   To all who purchase my second video, I will give a seventy-five percent discount on my third video.   And so on.

     In my second video, I incorporated all improvements that viewers asked me to include.   Nevertheless, I still need to know what you want that I did not include, what I did not explain clearly enough, what did not work and so on.   Together, we can put together an Baseball Pitching Instructional Video and a Coaching Baseball Pitchers book that teaches pitchers of all ages to pitch at their highest levels without injury.

     For first-time buyers, my two-hour 2004 Baseball Pitching Instructional Videotape, my Coaching Baseball Pitchers book and my advice costs one hundred dollars ($100.00), postage included.   Unfortunately, my foreign friends will have to add additional postage.

     I am one guy in a little town in Florida.   I will not take credit cards.   Because my bank says that it cannot guarantee when personal checks clear and, as a result, last year, I lost several hundred dollars.   Therefore, I can only accept money orders, cashier checks and well-disguised cash.   Please make your money orders and cashier checks payable to Dr. Mike Marshall.

     Please send your return address and email address to:

Dr. Mike Marshall
38313 Vinson Avenue
Zephyrhills, FL 33542

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