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Scientific Reference Websites

     In this file, I will include websites that readers can use to understand the science of baseball pitching.

01.  To start, here is the address of a website that shows the anatomy of the human body.  With this reference, all readers can quickly and easily learn the names of the bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles that are critical to the baseball pitching motion.

Anatomy of the Human Body

02.  Here is another link to a website that contains illustrations of the anatomy.  Upon accessing the website, readers should view the left navigation pane and select the Orthopedic Category they are interested in viewing.  Each category has a “Patient Guide” which is a .pdf file (which you can download) that contains illustrations of the bones and joints, tendons and ligaments, and muscles involved in that category.

Anatomy Illustrations

03.  Here is a link to a website that lists definitions of anatomic orientation terms.

Anatomical Definitions

04.  Here is a website companion to my Kinesiology book, Manual of Structural Kinesiology by Floyd and Thompson.  It has all kinds of different tests that your serious readers might find useful.

Manual of Structional Kinesiology

Good Luck Everybody
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