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     From time to time, readers ask me questions that require that I write a more complete response.

When this happens, I feel as though I am writing something larger than just an answer to one reader's question.

I feel as though I am writing something that I need to set apart from my Question/Answer files.

Therefore, I have decided to make another file that I am calling, my Special Reports file.

This way, without digging through all my Question/Answer files readers can find this report.

2008 Major League Baseball Pitchers Injury Report

The 'Traditional' Baseball Pitching Motion Destroys Pitching Arms

Non-Specific Training Programs Make Pitching Injuries Worse

Cortisone Shots Make Pitching Injuries Worse

Rest Makes Pitching Injuries Worse

Surgery Makes Pitching Injuries Worse

Stretching Makes Pitching Injuries Worse

Ligaments Do Not Emit Pain

I Love Strikeouts, Hate Hits and Extra Base Hits and Do Not Mind Walks

How Baseball Coaches Can Help Their Pitchers Succeed

Baseball Pitchers: From Average To Special

Velocity is NOT the Answer

Studies Show that the Curveball Isn't Too Stressful for Young Arms

Dr. Glenn Fleisig's Pseudo-Biomechanical Analyses

ASMI Recommendation Ruptures Ulnar Collateral Ligaments

ASMI Increases Pitching Injuries

Specificity of Interval-Training by Professor William W. Heusner

Guidelines for Childrens' Sports

The Science of Energy Expenditure

Food Composition Table

Muscle Hypertrophy Training

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