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     I know the injurious flaws in the 'traditional' baseball pitching motion that injure baseball pitchers and how to eliminate all pitching injuries.  I also know the mechanical flaws in the 'traditional' baseball pitching motion that decrease release velocity, release consistency and the variety and quality of pitches pitchers can throw and how to correct these mechanical flaws.

     In my fourteen years of major league baseball career, I used this knowledge to set numerous major league records, including the four most prestigious closer relief pitching records.

1. Most appearances - 106
2. Most closing innings pitched - 208
3. Most consecutive appearances - 13
4. Most games finished - 84

     On my website, without charge, I provide the eleven sections of my two and one-half hour Baseball Pitching Instructional Video for visitors to watch, my Coaching Baseball Pitching book, my Question/Answer files and other files for visitors to read and my baseball pitcher training programs for visitors to download and complete.

     If, after visitors have watched, read and downloaded everything that I have provided, I will personally answer all emailed questions.

     To ask me questions without charge, please click on my e-mail address and send me your questions.

     To help defray the costs of operating my website, I greatly appreciate your donations.  Thank you.

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